Vijaya Nagara Empire in Indian History

Vijaya Nagara Empire in Indian History:

  • The founders of Vijaya Nagar Empire were Harihara and Bukka Rai, the revenue officers of the Kakatiya ruler Pratap Rudra Deva II of Warrangal
  • They founded the dynasty in 1336 with the capital as Vijaya Nagara on the banks of Tungbhadra river witht the help of Saint Vidyaranya
  • Vijayanagara kingdom lasted for 230 years and produced four dynasties.
    Sangama (1336 – 1485)
    Saluva – (1485 – 1505)
    Tuluva (1505 – 1565) and
    Aravidu (1565 – 1672)
  • Krishna Deva Raya (1509 – 1529) belonged to the Tuluva dynasty. The Italian traveller Nicolocont visited his court.
  • Krishnadeva Rayar is known as ‘Andhra Bhoja’
  • He wrote Ushaparinayam and Amuktamalyada
  • Allasani Peddanna, a Telugu poet was a courtier of Krishna Deva Raya. He is considered as the ‘‘Andra Kavita Pitamaha’’ the Grand Father of Telugu poetry.
  • ‘Ashtadiggajas’ was the famous Scholastic Assembly in the court of Krishna Deva Raya.
  • Vijayanagar Empire was visited by many foreign travellers.
  • Nicolo Conti – Venitian traveller, visited during the reign of Devaraya I.
  •  Damingos Paes : He visited Krishna Devaraya’s court.
  • Ferona Nuniz : A Portuguese who visited during Achyuta Raya’s reign.
  • Durate Barbosa : A portuguese who visited Krishnadeva Raya’s court.
  • Athenasius Nikitin (1415) : He was a Russian, who visited during Deva Raya I’s period He wrote, ‘Voyage to India’.

Aviation Multi Skill Development Centre at Chandigarh launched – a CSR Initiative of AAI to support skill Development for jobs in Aviation Center

Aviation Multi Skill Development Centre at Chandigarh launched – a CSR Initiative of AAI to support skill Development for jobs in Aviation Center

A first-of-its-kind Aviation Multi Skill Development Centre (MSDC), a CSR initiative of Airports Authority of India (AAI) was inaugurated in Chandigarh today by the Union Minister of Civil Aviation, Shri P Ashok Gajapathi Raju, in the presence of Member of Parliament Chandigarh, Smt. Kirron Kher, and Member of Parliament Anandpur Sahib, Shri Prem Singh Chandumajra. The Centre has been set up in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and is supported by the Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC) of India.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri P. Gajapathi Raju said “This Centre which will train about 2,400 youth and women in 8 aviation job roles over the next 3 years has already received a very enthusiastic response. I would like to see many more such Centres for aviation skill development to be set up across the country.”

Demand for aviation skilled personnel has been rising commensurately with the boom in the civil aviation sector witnessed in the last 3-4 years. More than 900 new aircraft are expected to be inducted by Indian scheduled airlines in the coming few years. Air connectivity for both passenger transport and air freight is increasing, with new air routes and operationalisation of unserved or underserved airports through the UDAN Regional Connectivity Scheme. MRO and ground-handling demands for skilled personnel are also rising in tandem.

Recognising this demand and to bolster the Skill India Mission, the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) have collaborated to launch this Aviation MSDC at the Chandigarh old airport terminal building. With an outlay of Rs.5.25 crore, this project which is a unique CSR initiative of AAI. NSDC, the implementing agency of MSDE, in collaboration with the Bird Education Society for Travel & Tourism (BESTT) will undertake the training programmes. The course curriculum and assessments of the training have been designed by AASSC in accordance with the National Skill Qualification Framework.

Located at Chandigarh’s old Airport Terminal building, this Centre will leverage AAI’s existing infrastructure, which has been converted to offer training in modern aviation courses as well as upskilling programmes to empower youth and women in particular. The Centre is equipped with modern training infrastructure to supplement an industry-relevant course curriculum. Upon successful completion of the skill training, the candidates will be certified by NSDC through the AASSC. The Training Provider –BESTT– has been mandated to ensure job placement in the aviation and allied fields for at least 70% of the successfully trained students.